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Is Your Brand Discouraging Diverse Hires?

As the visual team behind ICTC’s report “Gender Equity in Canada’s Tech Ecosystem” (read it here) we learned a lot about the brandingstrategies employers can implement to attract, retain and support entry and mid-level talent. A standout for us marketing nerds were the aspects of messaging, language and employer branding that were holding organizations back from attracting more gender diverse candidates. Let's explore their findings, and explore opportunities for getting more people of more genders interested in working with you.

Your website isn’t reflecting your stated values

Your job posting is alienating gender diverse candidates.

Your networking events perpetuate homogeneity.

If you’re not attracting the candidates you want, it may be time to reframe your networking event presence. If you’re passively showing up at these events without intention, why wouldn’t they yield the same types of applicants they always have or perpetuate implicit biases? If you consider these instead as an extension of your company’s experiential marketing strategy, what message are you delivering to your audience?

Is your brand keeping up with your values?