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Elmwood School

Elmwood School
campaign concept + creation.

This nationally ranked International Baccalaureate private school is acclaimed for its academic excellence, community atmosphere, and innovative approach. We built this integrated campaign to showcase Elmwood School's strengths and attract the next generation of talented students. It ran online, on the radio, at the airport, and across the city. 

Campaign Ideation
Creative Direction
Design + Copy
Sales Material

Young girl looking through microscope in a science lab at Elmwood School.
Elmwood School Perseverance Belongs Here horizontal bus banners
Two sisters enjoying time together outside of Elmwood School in their school uniform.
Elmwood School airport advertisement for Confidence and Belong here campaign. Images taken by Remi Therault from House of Commons.
Young girl posing for a headshot outside of Elmwood School in her school uniform.
Four girls walking down the street enjoying a conversation in Elmwood School uniforms.

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