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Psychedelics Today rebranding

Making room for the psychedelic revolution.


Establishing credibility in the transforming psychedelics landscape means demonstrating professionalism while also communicating a degree of flexibility and edginess. To succeed in this space after all, requires a level of radical, out-of-the-box thinking. So, how do you achieve this balance? And how do you stand out in a space that can either be hyper intoxication-focused, or peddle psychedelics as a silver bullet? We delivered Psychedelics Today a brand voice, appearance and website that fit their position as the world’s largest and most trusted psychedelics media and education platform. We tightened up their branding, and made sure they had a functioning brand system, to make way for the Psychedelics Today of tomorrow.

Scope of Work

Creative Direction
Brand Design
Design + Copy
Web Design
Sales Material Development