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Sororal Travel

Sororal Travel
brand, web + social launch

As a women-led team, we are especially interested in communicating with feminine audiences with nuance, without relying on stereotypical shorthands. Sororal Travel is a women’s travel company supporting women-owned businesses grassroots organizations for women around the world.

We found that competitor brand approaches fell mostly into two camps, which we affectionately referred to as “yoga mud” (browns, women in all-white outfits) or “yas queen” (hot pink, all caps, candid group photos). Neither of these quite captured the self-guided, elevated yet approachable nature of what Sororal brings to the table.

We curated a palette of natural tones from nature, leaving white space to communicate big ideas and lend authority to Sororal Travel communications. We designed their simple, elegant logo, seen across all their communications. The resulting brand, site and socials are impressive yet unassuming, leaving Sororal travellers to choose their own adventure.

Creative Direction
Brand Design
Design + Copy
Web Design
Sales Material

Sororal Brand Guideline

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