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Ruthless empathy: lets start carving out the core of your brand together

Ruthless empathy: cutting to the core of your brand.

We’re the first to understand and last to judge when marketing becomes an afterthought in your business operations. Maybe you’re a start-up sprinting to earn your keep, or working in a marketing department for a big company that is slow to move and slower to pivot. Whatever the reason, sometimes your market, or your offering, shifts faster than your marketing strategy can adapt. You may find yourself developing marketing strategies to solve a problem that you’re not sure is real, for an audience you’re not sure exists. There is an uncomfortable tension as everyone keeps moving dutifully forward, but the heart of what made your offering exciting isn’t there anymore. Sound familiar?

It’s time to call in reinforcements and ask the hard questions. Sure, “who is your audience and why do they care about this?” is a daunting question to get from your creative agency, but rest assured it’s much scarier when they don’t ask. Without a clear benefit to your audience, the marketing exercise becomes very abstract and self-congratulatory, asking that busy everyday folks engage with your message just for the sake of pretty words and pictures.

This is frankly not the work that we get excited about putting into the world, and not the kind of work that serves our clients well. We capture this dogged pursuit of clarity, reality and emotionality in our ethos “Ruthless Empathy”. Put plainly, it is meeting real people where they are and offering them real value. It sets aside ego and challenges us to operate outside of our biases. Here’s how we do it.

Start with what is already true

Let your benefits lead you to your audience.
Lead your brand to your target audience.

Solve a real problem

Rather than the ones people “don’t know they have”.
Solving a real problem

Meet your audience where they are

Not where you want them to be.
Make sure you're reaching your proper audience, wherever they are.

Literally, make sure you’re reaching your audience when and where they’re listening. For example, you probably won’t make run ads for DVD player repair on Netflix. Or you might not want to be retargeting people who just bought a couch with more couch ads. They only have one butt and most houses aren’t in need of many simultaneous couches.

Build for the consumer’s eye

Not the marketing professional’s.
Build for the consumers eyes.

Act like humans

Real recognizes real.
Act like humans, be likable people who are genuine to one another.


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