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Dare to Stand Out at a Tradeshow

BOLD LIP's guide to showing off at a tradeshow, complete with our five favourite booths from Toronto’s largest cannabis conference.

After a couple years creating content in the “unprecedented times”, it’s pretty surreal and exciting to be writing about a tradeshow IRL! In particular, we’re talking Toronto Lift&Co. 2022, a tradeshow that offers cannabis brands the rare opportunity to speak (somewhat) freely about their product to potential consumers and collaborators.

The thing about our line of work is that it’s impossible to turn off the creative, production and strategic parts of your brain. Not long into walking the aisles of the conference, we sat and collected our thoughts: what was working and why? What was getting lost in the noise?

Read on for our guide to showing off at a tradeshow, complete with our five favourite tradeshow booths at Toronto Lift&Co. Expo 2022.

Think outside the booth: Guiding principles

lift&co tradeshow
Aerial shot for the 2022 Lift&Co. Expo in Toronto, Ontario.

We’ll get into the nitty gritty of what we liked and why, but some common themes came up in our discussion of the conference. Here are some quick wins for standing out at a cannabis tradeshow, and could be used as best practices to stand out at any tradeshow.

Create an oasis:

The tradeshow experience isn’t exactly comfortable. Lighting, flooring, natural materials and plants can help manufacture a coziness that makes people gravitate towards your booth.

Clarify the experience:

People are a little rusty at socializing and navigating crowds. If they have to hover at your booth waiting to be attended to, you might lose them. Have a place for them to go, something for them to look at, and something for them to do with their hands while they wait.

Streamline your message:

Remember: your brand collateral will be supported by a real life human being and print materials. You don’t need to communicate every last proof point of your brand right out of the gate. Doing so lands your booth into science fair aesthetic territory and overwhelms the audience. Decide your objective (brand awareness? networking?) and support this with clear messaging and visual identity.

Consider your sightlines:

Focus your brand efforts above people’s eyeline, and take into account your positioning on the floor. Will your assets be visible when people are visiting your booth? Unless you’re on a corner, branding on the front of tables will go largely unseen, for example.

Staff with heart:

The people working your booth are the real brand assets. Even the simplest booth can shine when supported by people who know what they’re talking about, and are nice to talk to. Spend the time getting people up to speed so they feel comfortable with the material and happy to be in attendance.

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite booths, and how they made the most out of their tradeshow footprint.


Dutchie booth at the Lift&Co. Expo 2022. Photo: Lift&Co. Flickr

Canna & My Fungi

lift&co tradeshow
Canna booth shot at the Lift&Co. Expo 2022. Photo: Lift&Co. Flickr

There were spaces to sit, places to stand, and even a button to press if you would like to grab the attention of one of the staff. Sure, not every brand has the green to take up this amount of space, but not everyone would have used it so wisely either.


lift&co tradeshow
Iivy Cannabis Grinder. Photo: Iivy Website


lift&co tradeshow
Indiva booth at the Lift&Co. 2022 Expo. Photo: Lift&Co. Flickr


lift&co tradeshow
Boveda Humidity Control. Photo: Boveda Instagram

Show off your best assets

lift&co tradeshow
Aerial shot of the booths at the Lift&Co. Expo 2022. Photo: Lift&Co. Flickr

No hard feelings if you weren’t featured this time around! Tradeshows are hard: you have a thousand other things to do, and lead times on vendors and materials are longer and more tangled than ever.

That’s where we come in. Send us an email at so we can help you spend your trade budget more happily and effectively.